What Are Some DIY Auto Repairs Anyone Can Do?


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DIY auto repairs that most people can do include oil changes, radiator flushes and replacement of spark plugs, windshield wipers, headlight bulbs, brake pads and fuel filters. Headlight bulb and windshield wiper replacement are two of the easiest DIY auto repairs. Headlight bulb replacement requires removing the holder and selecting the correct bulb. Windshield wiper replacement requires removing screws and replacing the worn wipers with new wipers.

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An oil change is a DIY repair that saves money multiple times during the year. Certain safety precautions must be followed when performing this repair. An oil change requires an oil filter, ratchet, funnel, wrench, new oil and oil container.

Replacing the spark plugs helps the vehicle drive smoothly and improves fuel consumption. Changing brake pads is a repair that ensures safety and helps avoid accidents. Changing brake pads requires Allen wrenches, a jack, c-clamp, hammer, lug wrench and new brake pads.

Replacing air filters helps increase power and improve gas mileage. Clogged air filters decrease performance, but replacing the filters is a simple repair. Flushing the radiator improves the cooling system and helps keep the engine cool. This repair requires ensuring the engine is cool before removing the radiator cap and starting the flushing process.

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