How Do You Dispose of Old Tires for Free?


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To dispose of old tires for free, consider purchasing replacement tires from tire retailers, get to know if there is a tire amnesty in the locality and find out if the tire manufacturer accepts old tires. Alternatively, contact local recyclers or sell the old tires at a salvage yard.

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How Do You Dispose of Old Tires for Free?
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Several tire shops dispose of used tires in exchange for purchasing replacement tires from them. Such stores also complete tire works for their customers.

Alternatively, check if the municipality or department of waste disposal of the locality permits tire disposal at a recycling facility at no charge. Several localities hold a tire amnesty day that enables people to dispose off a limited number of old tires during that period. Also, some tire recyclers such as the recycling facilities and service stations accept old tires for free. Tire recyclers can be located via Earth911. Recycling is a good alternative if the tires are threadbare.

Additionally, some tire manufacturers offer a mail or take-back program for old tires. Details regarding the tire maker can be found on the tire. Some states do not allow old tires to be disposed of in a landfill owing to their toxic nature, unless the tires are broken or shredded.

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