What Are Discount Car Batteries?


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A discount car battery can be any automotive battery that is sold at a discounted or less expensive price. This can occur due to a temporary sale or coupon offer. A battery may also be discounted because it was purchased from a discount store, such as Walmart.

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It is important to factor in the cost of installation when buying a discount car battery. Many full-price or specialty automotive stores charge more for the purchase of a battery but include a free installation, which most discount retailers do not include. This may balance out the additional cost of full-price batteries.

Discount car batteries may also be less reliable than full-price batteries purchased from a specialty store. Some discount retailers sell old stock that may not have been stored or maintained properly, which can reduce the life of the battery. Discount car batteries also often do not come with a warranty, especially if they are purchased online or from private sellers. Gas stations and other roadside service stations are especially well known for having older batteries in stock. The safest way to buy a discount car battery is to wait for a coupon or sale from a reliable automotive shop or find a low-cost shop that specializes in batteries and can offer a lower price due to the high volume.

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