What Are the Dimensions of the Boeing 747 Seating Layout?


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The Boeing 747-400 seat dimensions are 21-inches wide with a 61-inch pitch for Business Class and 17.5-inches wide with a pitch of 32 inches for Economy. The pitch indicates how much space is between the seat and the seat in front of it .

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The Boeing 747-400 (744) utilized by United Airlines is a three-class airplane that has 22-inch seats with a 78-inch pitch for First Class, 20-inch seats with a 76-inch pitch for Business Class, 17-inch seats with a 34-inch pitch for Economy-Plus, and 17-inch seats with a 31-inch pitch for regular Economy Class.

Both models of the Boeing 747 support dual-level seating with an upper deck that accommodates additional seating for Economy or Business First Class, depending on the airline.

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