How Difficult Is It to Reset an Airbag?


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Resetting an airbag requires a few basic tools, some basic knowledge of automobile wiring and a short amount of time. To reset an airbag module, first open up the hood of the vehicle and loosen the retaining nut on the negative wire cable clamp. Then, take the clamp off the negative battery terminal, wait a few seconds and reconnect the terminal before re-tightening the retaining nut.

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How Difficult Is It to Reset an Airbag?
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The airbag module ensures that the airbag functions correctly. If the module is faulty, the airbag doesn't deploy properly in a crash situation. Normally, a light on the vehicle dashboard indicates whether or not the module is faulty. To loosen the retaining nut of the negative wire cable, use a socket wrench. After sliding the cable clamp off of the negative battery terminal, wait about three to five seconds.

As soon as the power is back, the module should be reset. If the problem light has disappeared from the vehicle's dash, this means that it has been properly reset. The airbag's sensors, also known as the module, are commonly located by looking in the owner's manual of the vehicle. The whole process should only take about five minutes, so it is best to work slowly to avoid any mistakes or injuries.

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