What Are Some Different VMI Handicap Vans?


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VMI wheelchair-accessible van options include Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota and Honda van conversions. Purchasing a wheelchair-accessible van from a qualified mobility dealer increases the chances of finding the most suitable vehicle for the specific mobility needs and requirements.

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The Toyota Sienna is available with either a fold-out or in-floor ramp system. The conversions are designed with space in mind and offer more space than many conversion models on the market.

The Honda Odyssey also comes in fold-out and in-floor ramp options. This model offers good features, which are seamlessly incorporated to the overall factory design.

VMI offers Chrysler Country and Town van model conversions. The models feature a variety of entertainment options and retain the original factory navigation systems.

The Dodge Grand Caravan conversions offer various ramp systems to suit a variety of users, including Summit fold-out, Northstar in-floor and Northster E in-floor manual.

Factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle include whether the wheelchair user is also the driver, wheelchair dimensions and important vehicle features. Speaking with a professional driver rehabilitation specialist can help in selecting the best vehicle for an adaptive driver. Although wheelchair vehicles are designed to transport passengers, not all are designed to be driven by wheelchair users.

Key dimensions include the weight and height of the wheelchair, user and any additional mobility equipment. These dimensions affect a person’s ability to exit, maneuver and enter a wheelchair van.

Important features to consider in a wheelchair van include power sliding doors, navigation aid, backup camera, removable seats and entertainment options. The features to select depend on the driver's budget and his specific mobility requirements.

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