What Are the Different Types of Windshield?

different-types-windshield Credit: Ead Gjergji / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

While all windshields are made with laminated glass that is shatter resistant in a collision, special types of windshields exist. These types include rain-sensing windshields, heated windshields, antenna-embedded windshields and heads-up-display windshields.

Rain-sensing windshields work with the windshield wipers. An infrared sensor in the windshield determines how much it is raining and turns the windshield wipers on at the proper speed.

Heated windshields connect to the car’s electrical system and heats up thin wires that run through the windshield. They are handy to have in icy, cold regions.

Antenna-embedded windshields have an antenna embedded in the layers of glass, eliminating the need for a traditional antenna.

A heads-up-display projects an image onto the windshield that gives information about the car’s speed. Drivers can keep their eyes focused on the road instead of looking at the dashboard.