What Are Some Different Types of Wildwood Travel Trailers?

Wildwood offers five model lines of Travel Trailer: the standard Wildwood Travel Trailer, the Wildwood True North, the Wildwood X-Lite, the Wildwood Lodge and the Wildwood Heritage Glen. Within each of these model lines, there are various options depending on the customer's region of residence, desired floorplan and added features.

Wildwood divides the United States and Canada into three regions: Northwest, West and Midwest. The company offers 10 standard Wildwood Travel Trailers in the Northwest, from the smallest, the T21RBS, to the largest, the T32BHDS. In the West, Wildwood offers six models. The smallest and largest are also called the T21RBS and T32BHDS, but they have different features and floor plans. In the Midwest, Wildwood offers 17 models, with the 26TBSS being the smallest and the 38RLT the largest.