What Are Some Different Types of Truck Seals?

Among the basic types of truck seals include plastic, barrier, metal and bolt seals. These belong to two broad security seal categories: tamper-evident seals and barrier seals. An electronic seal is another type of security seal that continuously monitors for changes and alerts guards or law enforcement of an attempted ingress or intrusion.

Security seals are devices that are designed to indicate if a container or enclosure has been opened or tampered with. Tamper-evident seals such as plastic seals function mainly to provide visual indication of tampering or unauthorized entry. Such seals can easily be broken and removed by hand or by a simple tool. Other types of tamper-evident seals include frangible foils or film, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and crimped cables.

Barrier seals such as metal, bolt and cable seals provide an additional deterrent to tampering or intrusion by delaying the process of entry. Made mostly with metal materials, these types of seals cannot easily be taken off and may require heavy duty tools such as bolt-cutters to remove.

There is a broad application of security seals, including access control, inventory, shipping integrity, records integrity, theft prevention and detection, consumer product protection customs and law enforcement. Seals are often used on truck cargo and container services to secure the items for delivery.