What Are Some Different Types of Trike Accessories?

What Are Some Different Types of Trike Accessories?

Some trike accessories are made with safety in mind, such as wireless combination brake/blinker lights, heel sling pads or helmets. Others are more for fun, such as extension flags or the Skully Light. Another item is a spider-shaped cellphone dock that combines safety, practicality and fun.

A wireless combination brake/blinker light sends a signal from the brake lever to the light every time that lever is engaged. The light is mounted on the back of the seat or farther back on the trike's rear rack. It also provides left and right turn signals, warning lights and also acts as a fixed tail light.

Heel slings and heel sling pads come in handy for those who ride their trikes barefoot or in sandals. The pad wraps around the heel of the foot when it's on the pedal, protecting it from ground-contact scrapes. Helmets, which are mandatory in some areas, protect the head. The fancier models double as fashion statements.

Extension flags are mounted so they sit above the trike, making it visible from a distance. Some are simply a piece of bright fabric; others have slogans, symbols or are miniature versions of some state or federal flags. The Skully Light, available in several colors, is another way to personalize a trike. It has LED lighted eyes that either flash or have a steady glow.

The spider-shaped cellphone holder has flexible legs that allow it to be mounted almost anywhere, including the handlebars of a trike. The flexible legs also expand and contract so the spider can hold smartphones, compact cameras and MP3 players.