What Are Some Different Types of Tractor Warning Lights?

Tractor warning lights indicate to other vehicles the movement of a tractor, or these lights may designate a problem within the tractor's engine. For instance, the manual of a John Deere tractor shows that a warning light glows when the temperature of the transmission oil gets too high, when the pressure of the hydraulic oil goes too low and when the motor oil pressure gets low. Warning lights may indicate turning, stopping and slowing to other people.

Yellow warning lights on top of tractors may mount permanently or through magnetism. Other warning lights mount on the pipes of tractors, either in front of or behind the machine. Warning lights flash through strobe effects, rotating mirrors, revolving lights or flashing lights. Large yellow lights with a domed cover revolve around a central point in the mount as two lights shine. A mini-bar light has two bulbs inside a yellow cover that flash intermittently.

One dashboard warning light on a John Deere tractor shows the operator if the alternator malfunctions. If this light comes on, the driver should check the alternator cables or have the device checked by a John Deere mechanic. When the oil pressure gets too low, the operator should check the level of engine oil. If the same thing happens to the transmission fluid, a trained mechanic should examine the tractor.