What Are the Different Types of Tecumseh Engines?


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The Tecumseh Power Company made two-cycle and four-cycle vertical, horizontal and overhead valve, gasoline-powered engines from 1956 to 2007. Tecumseh manufactured engines for use in a wide range of equipment that included outboard motors, snow blowers, lawnmowers, wood chippers, log splitters and much more.

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Examples of the types of Tecumseh two-cycle engines include those used in outboard motors for watercraft and hand-held applications, such as ice and earth augers, brush cutters, tree pruners and power sprayers. Other engines included four-cycle and overhead valve, three- to 22-horsepower engines for rotary and riding lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers and mini-bikes. One of the most popular Tecumseh engines was the 5.5 horsepower, overhead-valve utility engine that other manufacturers used extensively in their products. Tecumseh also manufactured a line of engines specifically designed for use in winter applications.

The Tecumseh Products Company began making compressors and refrigeration equipment in Tecumseh, Michigan, in 1934. The company has the distinction of designing and producing the compressor used in the first window-mounted air conditioner in 1947. Following a 1956 merger with the Lauson Manufacturing Company, Tecumseh began making small gasoline engines and engine parts under the name Tecumseh Power Company. Brands such as Craftsman, Toro and Standard feature Tecumseh engines in many of their products.

Following a 2007 sale to Platinum Equity LLC, the company stopped producing engines in 2008. As of 2015, Tecumseh has returned to its roots, exclusively manufacturing condensers and compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

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