What Are Some Different Types of Teardrop Trailer Plans?


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Some teardrop trailers are built on a stock chassis, while others require a custom welded frame. Most teardrop trailers have simple aluminum shells, but some builders use varnished or painted wood shells instead. Manufactured teardrop trailers, such as the Little Guy, come with aluminum or fiberglass shells.

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Teardrop trailer plans vary in length and width, but the general plan calls for a two-wheeled chassis with a trailer hitch and teardrop-shaped camper shell. The taller front section houses the sleeping area, while the rear hatch lifts up to expose the galley. Some plans include a trapdoor to access a portable latrine.

Builders use different techniques to build the floor, frame and walls. Most plans call for a plywood floor and wood or aluminum sides, with stringers and spars to reinforce the floor, roof and walls. Since many teardrop trailers are handmade, the interior plan is highly customizable. Builders add cabinets, drawers and amenities according to preference. The galley usually contains an icebox, propane stove and space to store and prepare food.

Kuffel Creek sells plans and kits to build an 8-foot or 10-foot teardrop trailer. Mark and Cindi of LittleSwissTeardrop.com made a teardrop trailer with a Swiss theme, and their site includes detailed descriptions and photos of the construction process. Ryan, the owner of TeardropBuilder.com and creator of the Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer, publishes plans, tips and links to other teardrop enthusiast sites.

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