What Are Some Different Types of Snow Vehicles?

different-types-snow-vehicles Credit: Daniel Milchev/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Some different types of snow vehicles include snow mobiles, snow coaches, Sno-Cats and Hägglunds. The Foremost Nodwell is a two-tracked snow vehicle with changeable attachments such as passenger cabins.

Snow mobiles are common snow vehicles that have two tracks on the front and treads at the back. They can be ridden off-trail or on groomed trails and snow covered roads. Tucker Sno-Cats are American-made tracked snow vehicles that are used in a number of fields including search and rescue, snow grooming and avalanche control. A Hägglund is primarily a cross-country snow vehicle with an extra detachable cab for transporting equipment and passengers. It is fairly lightweight and can even float on water in case it breaks through ice.