What Are Some Different Types of Roll-Off Truck Bins?


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Roll-off truck operators typically categorize roll-off truck bins into tilt frame bins and hook lift bins, depending on the lifting mechanism the truck employs. These categories are further expanded with options such as fixed or extensible tail tilt frame truck bins and interior or exterior railing.

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Tilt frame roll-off bins typically function through the use of a hydraulic ram that operates on two fixed rails attached to the container. A cable winch, attached to a hook on the container, pulls the load along the rails until it reaches a balance point and the rails lower due to the weight. A fixed-tail tilt frame roll-off bin is a one-piece design, while an extensible tail design allows operators to use less space during transport, effectively increasing the number of locations where the roll-off bin can be used.

Roll-off truck bin manufacturers build bins with exterior railing so that the container's rails travel along rollers located above the truck's rails. With interior rails, the container's rails are located inside the rails of the truck. Typically, regional preferences determine whether companies and operators choose to use interior or exterior rails. Additionally, roll-off bin operators categorize their containers by volume and special features such as top-hinge doors or barnyard-style back doors.

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