What Are Some Different Types of Jeeps?


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Past models of Jeeps include the CJ-5, Willys Jeepster and Gladiator. Newer models include the Wrangler and Cherokee. 2015 and 2016 models range from the Patriot on the low end of the price range to the Grand Cherokee on the high end.

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What Are Some Different Types of Jeeps?
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The CJ-5 was a consumer counterpart to the M38A1 military-grade jeep, which Jeep produced for the Korean war. The CJ-5 featured a rounder hood than its military inspiration, and Jeep fitted it with the Willys Hurricane engine, which was common in Jeep vehicles at the time. Jeep produced over 600,000 of these jeeps between 1954 and 1983. Jeep produced the Willys Jeepster to appeal to a broader consumer market than the CJ line, but it failed to expand the Jeep brand, and Jeep decommissioned the line after only three years of production in 1950.

The Gladiator was a line of pickup trucks that Jeep produced beginning in 1963. The company dropped the name in 1972, but continued the line under the J-series labels and assigned model numbers based on the vehicles’ gross vehicle weight ratings. Jeep produced J-series trucks until 1988.

The Wrangler is the successor to the CJ model and continues to represent the utilitarian focus of the brand, as of 2015. Jeep introduced the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee to broaden the market to sports- and luxury-minded consumers, with more success than the previous Willys Jeepsters.

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