What Are the Different Types of Ford Ranger Truck Seats?

What Are the Different Types of Ford Ranger Truck Seats?

Ford Ranger truck seats can either be bucket seats, bench seats or split bench seats. The bench seats are available for both front and rear, while the bucket seats are available for the driver and front passenger.

The bucket seats come with adjustment sliders, and both the driver and passenger seats can be fully reclined using the adjuster knobs on the side. The designs vary from original equipment manufacturer styles to sporty racing ones. Bucket seats, unlike bench seats, offer the option of installing an armrest for the driver.

Front and rear regular or solid bench seats for a Ford Ranger look similar to the OEM variety. They may or may not have headrests.

The split bench seat, also known as the 60/40 bench seat, is a two-piece bench that comes with molded headrests for the driver and extreme right passenger.

Ford Ranger seats come in a variety of finishes including cloth and leather for any budget. Seat covers made from all types of materials are also available for sale. These not only match the seats to the truck’s interior but also ensure that the seats remain in good condition for longer. When purchasing the seats, always specify the Ford Ranger’s model, as the cab lengths may vary slightly.