What Are the Different Types of Dodge Heater Control Valves?


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There are many types of Dodge heater control valves, and the three primary brands for the valves include AC Delco, 4-Seasons and Professional Parts Sweden. Three of the most popular are the 4-Seasons front heater valve, the AC Delco front heater valve and the Professional Parts Sweden front heater valve.

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Though each heater control valve is different, and different makes and models of vehicles require slightly different parts, the heater control valve has the same job in every vehicle. The valve opens to allow hot coolant from the engine to flow to the heater core, which heats the air supplied to the passenger compartment.

Most heater control valves function in three basic ways. They use a manual cable, a thermostat system or an engine vacuum. A vacuum can be used to open or close the valve. Cable-controlled valves normally operate in conjunction with the cable that controls the vehicle's interior temperature level.

When a heater control valve is worn or failing, a car owner may observe leaking coolant or a lack of change in output from the heater when adjusting the temperature. If the valve needs to be replaced, the owner should also inspect the hoses and replace them as well, if necessary. If replacing the valve due to corrosion, the owner should flush the coolant to prevent any additional problems.

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