What Are Some Different Types of Conqueror Camper Trailers?

Some different types of Conqueror camper trailers include the UEV 310, UEV 490 and the Commander S. The Conqueror company is mainly located in Australia but has locations in South America as well. There is a specific website provided by the company for international sales, though the location is in South America and international orders need to be done by phone or Internet.

Conqueror trailers are used in racing and for off-road travel. The UEV 310 is made to be light and quick to set up. It has storage and a low center gravity water tank. There are no poles or need to stake the camper to the ground during set up. The storage on this model is lockable so it makes the model versatile enough to use at work sites or places that someone might need security.

The UEV 490 is very versatile because it can be entered almost immediately upon stopping to access its interior compartment. The model comes with a huge 360-degree awning as well that will provide shade or keep the rain off in bad weather.

The Commander S is a less rugged version of the 490. This model sits a bit lower than the other model and is large enough to fit a family, with multiple sleeping options available.