What Are Some Different Types of Car Coolants?


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Some different types of car coolants are green, orange and red. The most common is the traditional green coolant, which is ethylene glycol with borates, silicates and phosphates to inhibit corrosion. Some non-green coolants have different active chemicals, whereas others are just green coolants that have been dyed.

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Some newer car coolants differ from the traditional green coolant in the type of corrosion inhibitors that they have. Orange coolant is ethylene glycol-based like traditional coolant but uses organic acids as corrosion inhibitors for a longer protection time. Brands in the United States that offer orange coolants include Havoline and Prestone. Orange and green coolants lose protection ability when mixed.

Many Toyotas use red coolant, which is mostly the same as the traditional coolant but with red dye.

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