Do Different States Have Unique Written Practice Exams for Driving?


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According the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) government website, different states have different written exams for driving, which means that they also have different practice exams. Traffic laws can vary by state, which means that the written driving exams also vary by state.

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To acquire a drivers license in the United States, individuals must pass both a written exam and driving test. Various sources, including the DMV website, offer practice exams for students to prepare to take their written driving examination. The DMV indicates that these practice questions are similar to those that will appear on a state's specific written exam, which means that each state has a unique driving exam.

For drivers who have a permit in a specific state but are planning to change their residency and get a new permit in a different state, some states require drivers to first pass the state-specific written exam before they can acquire a new license. While different states' written exams and traffic laws are able to vary slightly, so can the minimum score requirements to pass the test. According the DMV, on average, individuals must get around 80 percent of the questions right on the written test in order to receive a passing grade.

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