What Are the Different Sizes of Motorhomes?


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Motorhome sizes are rated by class, including class A, B and C. Class B motorhomes are the smallest with Class C being the next size up and Class A having the largest models available. The class of a motorhome is also defined by its construction and drive train design.

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A Class A motorhomes is the largest of any motorhomes manufactured. It is typically built on a commercial bus or heavy truck chassis with some having a 5,000-pound towing capacity. Class A motorhomes typically have two or more sleeping areas that can accommodate four or more people. This style of RV often has multiple slideout sections that provide extra interior room and luxury. This class of motorhome is usually the most expensive and gets the lowest fuel efficiency.

Class C motorhomes are built on truck chassis and have a distinctive visible cab with a section that extends over the cab that is most often an additional sleeping area. This class of RV can often be as long or longer than some of the smaller Class A RVs. It has sleeping areas for several campers as well as many of the luxury features of larger motorhomes.

Class B motorhomes resemble an oversized van. It is much smaller than the other classes and typically can accommodate two to four campers at the most. A Class B RV usually has small kitchen, bathroom, eating and sleeping areas. It is typically the least expensive RV size.

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