What Different Service Levels Does Mercedes Offer?


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Mercedes Benz offers two different levels of service, referred to as Service A and Service B. Each level involves basic maintenance and tuning for the vehicle, while Service B includes additional features to provide a more comprehensive tune-up.

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What Different Service Levels Does Mercedes Offer?
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All Mercedes Benz services are conducted on a Flex Schedule system, which means that instruments built into the vehicle monitor the overall performance of the car as well as how many miles it has been driven. The first maintenance opportunity occurs once the car has been driven between 5,000 and 6,000 miles, at which point a licensed auto repair shop performs an Inspection and Tire Rotation Service. After this service, the Flex Schedule system notifies the driver of the need for the Service A maintenance by displaying a single wrench icon on the dashboard.

The Service A maintenance package includes oil filter replacement, tire inflation checks and corrections, brake component inspections and a full check of all internal fluids and related systems. After the maintenance is completed, the Flex Schedule system is reset. When it is time for the Schedule B maintenance, the dashboard displays additional wrench icons.

The Service B maintenance package consists of all items in Schedule A, as well as inspections of all belts and hoses, checks on interior and exterior lamps and changes of all filters.

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