What Are Some Different Scion Dealerships in Canada?

Some Scion dealers in Canada include Red Deer Scion in Alberta, Prince George Toyota Scion in British Colombia, North Bay Toyota Scion in Ontario and Sun Country Scion in Yukon. To find the nearest Scion dealer, go to the Scion.ca website and click on Find a Dealer.

Enter the zip code or province. There is also the option of selecting a dealer name if you know the name but are trying to find contact information for that dealer. After entering the address information, click the button and look at the results. It gives icons on a map of that province to show where the different dealerships are. Put the computer mouse over each option to see the name of the dealer. Click on it to find out more information.

The dealer locator on Scion.ca gives the number of dealerships for each province. For example, there are 13 dealerships near Alberta, 18 dealerships near British Columbia, 57 dealerships near Ontario and five dealerships near Yukon.

Scion vehicles and dealers are backed by Toyota. Scion wanted to create a new car company that was a little different than the others. Their goal while working with Toyota was to make high-quality cars that offered high-tech features, unique accessories and unique-looking body styles.