What Are the Different Parts of a Car?

What Are the Different Parts of a Car?

The engine, brakes, wheels, drive line and electrical system are some of the different parts of a car. A car has different systems that function simultaneously.

Every car has an engine. An internal combustion engine running on gasoline is the most popular. People refer to engines depending on the number of cylinders. Every cylinder has a combustion chamber. The size of the engine, type of transmission used and timing of the combustion determines the power of a car.

Different types of tires and wheels are essential for driving under certain conditions. For example, there are all season tyres that a motorist can use at all times, including severe conditions. The brakes are one of the most important safety features in a car. There are drum and disc brakes, and some cars use both types of brakes to take advantage of the benefits of each braking system.

The drive line consists of components that connect the motion that the engine produces to the wheels. The transmission connects the engine to a drive shaft.

A rechargeable battery powers the electrical system of a car. The battery gets power from the engine. The battery powers the radio, safety sensors and headlights. Automatic doors and windows also use the electrical system.