What Are Some Different Motorcycle Gang Colors?


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The Banditos' red and gold; the Pagans red, white and blue; the Mongols black and white; and the red and white worn by the Hell's Angels are some of the different colors worn by motorcycle gangs. A motorcycle gang's colors include not just the physical colors but a symbol as well and are typically circled by top and bottom rockers that include the clubs name and chapter location respectively.

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The Hell's Angels have probably the most famous colors, using the "death's head" logo that was adapted from the emblem for the U.S. Air Force's 85th Fighter Squadron and the 552nd Medium Bomber Squadron. The club's colors are so infamous that it has become a very popular souvenir and apparel item available at many stores. The club also as a secondary popular emblem: the number 81 in red letters on a white background. The number symbolizes the Hell's Angels initials with the number 8 representing the eighth letter in the alphabet, H, and the number 1 standing for the letter A.

The Mongols' black and white graphics depict a man with a ponytail and sunglasses riding a motorcycle and carrying a scimitar. The Banditos' colors have a cartoonish image of an overweight Mexican in a sombrero brandishing a pistol in one hand and a machete in the other. Pagans can be identified by a patch depicting the Norse fire giant Surtr sitting on the sun wielding a sword emblazoned with the word Pagans in red, white and blue.

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