What Are Some Different Kinds of Transportation?

Some different kinds of transportation include cars, buses, campers and trucks. Other types of transportation include planes, trains and ships. Some types of transportation, such as tractors and plows, also work as tools.

Transportation such as cars and trucks are typically used to transport small numbers of people from place to place, while buses are used to transport larger numbers of people. Trucks also come in a variety of sizes, which allows them to be used for the transportation of goods and equipment. Semi trucks are also used to pull trailers that allow goods to be transported across greater distances thanks to the addition of refrigeration units that keep products fresh. Trains, planes and ships are used to carry large numbers of people long distances as well. These forms of transportation are also used to carry goods.

Some trains that carry goods include refrigeration units to transport food items as well. They are also used to transport vehicles to dealerships and raw energy supplies such as coal. Planes also transport a variety of cargo, such as food, animals and mail. Ships are important to transportation because they move cargo from country to country. This includes a wide variety of manufactured goods such as clothing and furniture, agricultural products and fuel such as petroleum.