What Are Different Designs of Motorcycle Camping Trailers?


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Designs for motorcycle camping trailers include teardrop trailers, such as the MyPod Max, and various configurations of popup trailers, such as the Time Out Deluxe or the Mini-Mate. Each design has advantages and drawbacks.

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Teardrop trailers provide the most creature comforts. The MyPod Max from Little Guy offers options including electrical power, air conditioning, an entertainment center and a full-size mattress. Due to the rigid exterior shell, interior components are protected in transit. Teardrop trailers require virtually no time to set up, but their size can make them more difficult to maneuver.

Popup trailers are popular for their lightweight design and inexpensive pricing. They have a smaller form factor than teardrop trailers because all interior components fold and unfold for setup and takedown. Partly due to the need to fold the camper into a small space, popup trailers usually lack creature comforts such as entertainment centers and air conditioning. However, they often have more interior space than teardrop trailers because they are designed to expand greatly on setup.

Popup trailers come in many configurations and offer numerous sizes of sleeping compartments, but the difference between popup trailers usually depends on the size of the wheel base. The Mini-Mate from Kompact Kamp Trailers features a narrow wheel base and a tall form factor, while the Time Out Deluxe from Time Out Trailers is lower and has a wider wheel base.

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