What Are Some Different Auto Window Rubber Seals?


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Different types of auto window rubber seals include door seals, roofrail seals, quarter window vertical seals, windshield seals and header seals. Door seals attach to the outer perimeter of the car door and seal the door to the vehicle’s body.

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Clips that slide into the door seal and snap into the holes located on the car door hold the seal in place. Roofrail seals attach to the vehicle roof at the point where it comes into contact with the door window frame. This seal is essential to keeping snow, rain or dirt from entering the car when the door is closed. Weather stripping that is damaged or that is not installed properly can result in wind noise when the owner drives the car at high speeds.

Quarter window vertical seals attach vertically to the front edge of the vehicle’s quarter window. They seal the door’s glass to the quarter window on hardtops and convertibles.

Windshield seals surround the entire windshield and are often U-shaped and made of a piece of rubber that is either hollow or solid. They are attached with screws, adhesive or clips.

Header seals are used in convertibles and cross at the top of the windshield. They seal the convertible top frame to the windshield frame. They are attached with adhesive or clips.

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