What Are Some of the Different Audi A4 Dashboard Symbols?


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Audi a4 dashboard symbols include the engine management, hold assist, dynamic steering, and airbag system lights. A symbol also appears in the event of low battery charge.

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What Are Some of the Different Audi A4 Dashboard Symbols?
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The engine management light on an Audi a4 is similar in design to classic check engine lights. Audis with petrol engines display a symbol reading EPC in the event of an engine management problem. This symbol appears each time the engine turns over, but if it remains on the dash, a trip to the mechanic may be in order. It could indicate problems with the catalytic converter or emissions system.

The hold assist light is a green P with a circle around it. This indicates that the Hold Assist function is deployed. During this time, vehicles remain still on an incline even if the driver's foot is removed from the brake.

The dynamic steering light is yellow and shaped like the steering wheel. It appears when the engine is activated but should disappear immediately. Its constant presence points to a malfunction within the steering system. The car can be driven at slow speeds, but should be taken to a mechanic immediately.

The airbag system light is red and looks like an airbag deploying onto a passenger. Its presence indicates a problem in the airbag deployment system. It also may mean a problem with the seat belt tensioner.

The low battery charge symbol is red and looks like a car battery. It indicates that the battery's power is not charged to levels of optimum performance. It may disappear while driving, indicating that the battery has charged. If not, the vehicle should be taken to a mechanic.

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