What Are Some Differences Between the Geo Tracker and the Suzuki Sidekick?


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The only differences between the Suzuki Sidekick and the first generation Geo Tracker were exterior trim and some interior options. When it was in business, Geo never manufactured any of its own vehicles; the Tracker, like many of Geo's other models, was a slightly modified version of a Suzuki vehicle.

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The Geo Tracker featured slightly rounder fenders, wheel wells and other exterior trim relative to the boxier Suzuki Sidekick. The Tracker also had a number of premium interior options that the Sidekick lacked. Tracker buyers could opt for leather interiors and AC Delco sound systems.

Both the Geo Tracker and the Suzuki Sidekick combined the look and interior features of a small sport utility vehicle with the rugged performance of an off-road truck. Both the Sidekick and the Tracker were only available in four-wheel drive until the 1992 model year saw the introduction of an additional rear-wheel drive model. Both vehicles were not classified as SUVs but as light trucks. Because of their rigid chassis, these vehicles had a rougher ride quality than other small SUVs.

Suzuki stopped manufacturing the Sidekick in 1998, and Geo ceased operations the same year. General Motors, which owned the Geo trademark, merged all models with its existing Chevrolet line of automobiles. A new Chevrolet Tracker based on the Suzuki Vitara was introduced in 1999.

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