What Is the Difference Between the Ford F150 and Ford F150 Supercrew?

The base model of the Ford F150 only features front seats and does not have a backseat or storage space; the SuperCrew has seats in the back that are created for passengers or cargo. The SuperCrew is a larger truck, but has the same body style as the traditional Ford F150.

The 2014 models of the Ford F150 are created with at least 10 different trim options. These include larger cabs, such as the SuperCrew. The SuperCab is another option that the Ford F150 is available in and is only slightly smaller than the SuperCrew. It features half doors and has a shorter wheel base. It is not as long as the SuperCrew and is able to handle turns more easily than the SuperCrew. The SuperCab is able to hold 10 gallons of fuel less than the SuperCrew. The SuperCrew has significantly more space in the backseat and allows more room for passengers to be comfortable. It has full size back doors that allow easier entry. It is a longer and taller truck. Due to the larger size and heavier weight, it may tend to be more sluggish. It is able to haul up to 2,000 pounds more than the Ford F150 SuperCab.