What Is the Difference Between Ceramic and Metallic Brake Pads?

What Is the Difference Between Ceramic and Metallic Brake Pads?

The difference between ceramic and metallic brake pads is that ceramic brake pads are made with blended ceramic and copper fibers, while metallic pads are made with metallic fibers. Metallic pads can be low or high quality. depending on the quality of the metallic fibers they contain.

Ceramic brake pads have been on the market, since the 1980s. The combination of ceramic and copper fibers in these pads allow them to withstand higher braking temperatures, so they last longer. They also create less dust than metallic brake pads. Another advantage is they produce less noise.

The disadvantages of ceramic brake pads are that they are more expensive than their metallic counterparts and cause more damage to brake rotors. They are also not advisable to use in heavy towing or racing vehicles.

Metallic brake pads vary in quality. The higher-quality pads contain fine metallic fibers. Lower-quality pads contain larger pieces of metal.

Metallic brake pads are excellent for colder climates, because their grip works even in cold weather. Other advantages to this type of brake pad are that they are less expensive than ceramic and create less wear on brake rotors.The disadvantages to metallic brake pads are they do not last as long as ceramic pads, they generate more noise and they create more dust.