What Is the Difference Between a Bentley and a Ferrari?


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While both Bentley and Ferrari are manufacturers of expensive luxury vehicles, the type and style of their vehicles are very different. Bentley's cars are more focused on providing a luxurious driving and passenger experience, while most Ferrari vehicles are focused on performance and thrilling driving characteristics.

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What Is the Difference Between a Bentley and a Ferrari?
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Ferrari's performance vehicles are widely considered some of the finest in the world, with few automakers able to produce cars that can keep up with a Ferrari around a track. The majority of Ferrari's current production car line-up as of 2015 are two-door performance coupes with mid-mounted engines, though the automaker does produce front-engine grand touring cars and convertibles as well, such as the Ferrari California. In contrast, two of the three modern Bentley automobiles are four-door sedans, leaving the Continental GT as the automaker's only two-door car.

Where Ferrari prides itself on featuring advanced racing technology in its automobiles, Bentley's design philosophy emphasizes luxury much more heavily. Leather-wrapped surfaces and wood paneling are a common sight in Bentley automobiles, as are custom features ordered by the owner through Bentley's Mulliner program. Though Ferrari automobiles are often extremely luxurious on the inside, they are not intended to provide the same level of interior amenities as a typical Bentley.

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