What Are Diesel Motor Homes?


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A diesel motor home is a motor home that uses a diesel engine for power rather than a gasoline engine. Diesel engines are especially common in motor homes that are 35 feet long or more, according to retailer PPL Motor Homes.

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Diesel motor homes have a number of advantages over gasoline engine motor homes, especially in the case of larger motor homes. Diesel engines have more torque, allowing them to move larger motor homes more easily. This also grants a diesel motor home more towing power than a comparable gas motor home. A diesel motor home is also generally more fuel-efficient than a gas motor home. Finally, diesel engines tend to have a longer lifespan than gasoline engines, with some diesel engines lasting for twice the mileage of a similar gas engine.

Diesel motor homes also have drawbacks when compared to gas motor homes. Diesel motor homes are frequently more expensive than a comparable gas motor home at initial purchase, and maintenance on a diesel motor home engine is typically more expensive as well. The ignition mechanism of a diesel engine is also more vulnerable to failure in cold conditions than that of a gasoline engine, an important consideration for travelers in colder climates.

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