How Do You Find a Diagram for a Rear Drum Brake?

Diagrams of rear drum brakes can be found on some automotive websites. Examples of sites with rear drum brake diagrams include and has a diagram of a rear drum brake in an exploded view. This shows how the parts of the rear drum brake look when they have been taken apart. The parts shown, clockwise from the top, are the cylinder-to-support seal, hold-down pins, access plugs, support plate, cable hole plug, park brake strut and spring, adjuster screw assembly, hold-down spring and assembly, leading shoe, shoe spring, pin, shoe guide plate, shoe return springs, cable guide, adjuster level, adjuster cable, hold-down spring and retainers, adjuster level spring, trailing shoe and parking brake lever. has a diagram of an assembled rear drum brake. The diagram also shows the direction in which the wheel turns when assembled. The parts shown, listed clockwise from the top, are the shoe guide (anchor pin) plate, wheel cylinder assembly, primary shoe return spring (green), link spring, backing plate, primary shoe, parking brake cable housing retainer, automatic adjuster spring, adjuster assembly, parking brake cable and return spring, brake parking lever, cable hook, shoe hold-down spring assembly, secondary shoe, cable guide, secondary shoe return spring (white), parking brake link and anchor pin.