What Are Some Diagnostic Codes for Dodge Trucks?


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P0500, B0071 and C0238 are three diagnostic codes for Dodge trucks as of 2016. Respectively, the three codes refer to vehicle speed sensor malfunction, first row center seatbelt pretensioner deployment control fault and wheel speed mismatch. As Dodge uses the OBD-II standard when displaying diagnostic codes, it is possible to learn more about the source of a problem by interpreting an error code.

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The letter of a Dodge truck diagnostic code gives information about the source of the problem. B stands for body, C stands for chassis, P stands for powertrain and U stands for network problems.

The second character, the first digit, indicates whether or not the code is a generic OBD code or one that is unique to the vehicle. If the digit is 0, the code is generic; if the digit is 1, it's unique to the vehicle. P0500, B0071 and C0238 are all generic diagnostic codes.

The third character gives more specific information about the problem. Whereas 1 indicates a problem with the fuel and air metering components, 2 indicates a problem with the injector circuits of those components; 3 refers to an issue with the ignition system or a misfire, while 4 stands for broken auxiliary emission controls; 5 indicates that there is a problem with vehicle speed controls or idle control systems; 6 refers to an error with the computer output circuit, while 7 and 8 refer to transmission problems.

The final two digits specify the exact problem and do not follow a pattern. Therefore, a mechanic can examine the diagnostic code P0500 and immediately know that the problem is within the powertrain, is a generic issue, and has to do with vehicle speed control or idle control systems. He can then use an OBD reader or a website such as Trouble-Codes.com to interpret the final digits.

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