What Is the Detroit Diesel Series 60?


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The Detroit Diesel Series 60 is an inline, four cycle, six cylinder diesel engine, which was the first commercial diesel engine that was fully electronically controlled. The Detroit Diesel Series 60 was first produced in 1987, and it has three versions: the 11.1 liter, which was discontinued in 1998; the 12.7 liter, which was discontinued in 2007; and the 14.0 liter, which, as of 2014, is available.

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Typical uses of the Detroit Diesel Series 60 are in marine vehicles, buses, trucks and tractor-trailers. The proprietary Detroit Diesel Electronic Control system, that controls the engine, make this engine appealing to truck fleets and charter bus companies. The Detroit Diesel Electronic Control system had four incarnations since it was first introduced, the latest version increasing engine power to 575 horsepower and increasing torque to 1,850 foot-pounds, while maintaining fuel efficiency.

This electronic system is easy to use, and it has many functions such as speed limiting, automatic stall prevention, engine diagnostics and cruise control functions that assist in fuel conservation. Additionally, fleet owners have the capability to download engine management reports that provide information to increase productivity, while reducing engine abuse. These reports include records of hard braking, excessive idle time and over-speeding.

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