What Determines the Value of a Used Tractor?


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Total engine hours, the tread remaining on the tires, the size and type of the tractor's engine and the manufacturer are some of the main factors affecting the price of a used tractor. Additional factors include any optional equipment, the front-end style and the tractor's transmission.

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The engine is one of the most important parts of a tractor, and its type and condition have a heavy impact on the price of a used tractor. While many vehicles measure usage by the number of miles driven, tractors and other heavy equipment keep track of the hours that the engine has been in use. Heavier usage will lower the price. Engines that use diesel fuel are generally more powerful, longer lasting and have lower maintenance costs than standard gasoline engines, commanding a higher price.

The tires on a tractor wear out with use and are one the more expensive items to replace. More tread remaining on the tires means a higher price for the tractor. As with any other vehicle, additional optional equipment that is included also increases the price of the tractor. Models of tractors have different reputations within the industry, so the original manufacturer of the tractor has an impact on the price as well.

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