What Determines the Price of Window Tinting?


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Factors that determine the cost of window tinting include the type of car receiving the tint, the type of tint being applied and the tinting warranty. It's also common for companies with a high reputation for window tinting to charge more, because they often have the best staff and products.

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Vehicles that have curved windows are often more difficult to tint, which can make them more expensive than vehicles with level windows. Models that have windows with a larger surface area, such as those found on SUVs and station wagons, can also be more expensive to tint.

More expensive tint films often have better warranties and perform better and longer, whereas less expensive tints can start to fade after only a short time. Those who prefer a custom-designed tint film can also expect to pay more. Tint films that are darker and block out more of the sun's rays are also more expensive than lighter films.

Receiving a better warranty for a tint film also impacts the overall cost. The price of the warranty is determined by the type of tint used and whether or not the warranty can be transferred to another driver in the event that the vehicle is sold. Tint warranties can cover etching, scratching and fading.

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