How Do You Determine the Wiper Blade Size for a Honda Civic?


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Wiper blade sizes are determined by the year, model and make of each individual vehicle. Manufacturers of wiper blades, such as Rain-X, categorize their products online by car model, year and make to determine exactly which blades are available for each car.

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Rain-X also provides details regarding the arm type for each blade, the length in inches, where to buy each model and installation instructions. In addition, each product has a list of features that details durability, functionality and aesthetics.

My Wiper Size provides a list of wiper sizes for Honda models dating from 1969 to 2011. Each page details the appropriate length of wiper blades for the driver side, passenger side and rear windows in inches. My Wiper Size also provides details for a wide variety of other brands, models and makes.

Other independent stores, such as The Honda Parts Store, do not determine wiper blade size but only ask for the model and make of the vehicle. The website has a list of discounted wiper blades currently available but can deliver wiper blades for any Honda model. While the store has a physical location in Maryland, its online service offers to ship wiper blades and other Honda accessories.

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