How Do You Determine the Windshield Wiper Blade Size for Your Car?

determine-windshield-wiper-blade-size-car Credit: Astrid Gast/iStock/Getty Images

To determine the windshield wiper blade size for your car, refer to the owner's manual, or measure the size of the wiper blades using a measuring tape. Alternatively, access the Rain-X website or the website of a wiper manufacturer, and enter the required vehicle information to find the wiper blade size.

The owner's manual of the car mentions the length of both wiper blades in inches. If the manual is not available, measure the passenger- and driver-side wipers separately, as their size normally differs. To measure a wiper blade's length, first lift the blade away from the windshield. Then, press the blade so it becomes flat instead of curved. Using the tape measure, determine the length of the blade from end to end. Note the measurement in inches, and push the wiper back to its usual position. The passenger-side wiper blade is normally smaller than the driver-side one.

If using the Rain-X website, choose the year, make and model of the car from the options given, and click Find My Blade. The site provides the wiper blade size for your vehicle along with the corresponding blade design. Similarly, if accessing a wiper manufacturer's website, such as, select Passenger Cars & Light Trucks from the options under Search By Vehicle, and choose the car's year, make and model. Click Search to find Trico wiper blades of a suitable size.