How Do You Determine the Value of a Classic Ford Truck?

To determine the value of a classic Ford truck as of 2015, look up the truck on a website that provides classic car and truck values, such as and Alternatively, hire a professional appraiser to give you the approximate value of the truck.

To look up the NADA Guides value of a classic Ford truck, visit the homepage, and click Classic Cars. Under the Search Classic Cars by Make heading, click Ford. On the Ford page, select a year from the drop-down menu. The page automatically loads all available Ford models from that year. Click on a model, add options on the truck page, and click Continue.

The site lists the lowest, average and highest retail prices. It also provides the original manufacturer's suggested retail price for the truck.

To look up the value on, visit the homepage, and click Classifieds. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Price Guide. Enter a year, and select Ford under the Make heading. Select a model under that heading, and click Check Pricing Data. The site lists the average, highest and lowest asking prices from ads in the last three years that had prices.

Look up ads for the same or similar vehicles in your area to find out how much other sellers are asking. If you plan to sell the truck, set the asking price slightly higher than the truck's value, as buyers usually try to negotiate the price down.