How Do You Determine What Type of ACDelco Spark Plugs You Require?

To determine what type of ACDelco spark plugs are required, examine thread reach and diameter, insulator nose projection, and check to see if the shape of the spark plug is conical or resembles a gasket, suggests NGK Spark Plugs. In modified engines, the cold heat ranges, electrode materials, and the needed electrode and tip combination can indicate the appropriate ACDelco spark plug.

ACDelco produces both professional and specialty spark plugs. Professional Platinum plugs are guaranteed for use in a vehicle for up to 100,000 miles, while Professional Non-Automotive plugs are better suited for snowmobiles and landscaping equipment, such as mowers and snow blowers. Professional Conventional plugs are designed for reliable and efficient everyday use, while the Professional Glow plug is specially made for use in diesel engines. The Professional Iridium plug utilizes current technology to provide a high-performing electrode. Making up the specialty spark plug line are the Rapidfire Single Platinum plug, which offers a longer lifespan than others, and a Marine plug specially made for boats travelling in harsh waters.

Spark plugs are used in the combustion chamber of an engine in order to set fire to the mixture of air and fuel that resides there. They act as the path for the ignition coil's energy to travel and create the spark. Electrical performance of a vehicle is determined by the ability of the ignition system to work with the spark plug. A vehicle's thermal performance is improved when the temperature of a spark plug can be regulated low enough to stop pre-ignition but high enough for the spark to be created.