How Do I Determine Turbine Horsepower?

To determine turbine horsepower, ascertain the power in kilowatts, and multiply by 1.34 to convert to horsepower. It is also helpful to know the type of turbomachinery in question.

Turbines are rotational machines that extract mechanical energy from the inertia of a fluid flow. Turbines are used in numerous devices, including steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines, water turbines, turboshafts, turboprops, jet engines, turbochargers and turbopumps.

The power output of a turbine can be measured in watts, kilowatts or megawatts, depending on the size. Power output can also be measured in horsepower. One thousand kilowatts is equal to 1,341.02 horsepower.

For a gas turbine, turboshaft or turboprop engine, the power output can be measured using a device called a dynamometer, which is a machine that applies a resistive load on the engine and then computes power output from the measured torque and engine speed. It is important to note that this computed power would be the power output of the entire engine, rather than the isolated output of a single turbine.

For any turbine supplying electrical power in service, the turbine power output can be determined from the electrical power divided by the efficiency of the electrical generators. For example, if the turbine outputs 1,000 kilowatts of electricity and the electrical generator is 95 percent efficient, the turbine is delivering 1,000 divided by 0.95, which is 1,052.63, kilowatts of mechanical shaft power, or 1,411.60 horsepower.