How Do You Determine Your Toyota Truck Bed's Dimensions?

Measure the length of a Toyota truck bed by tracking the distance from the interior wall of the bulkhead to the interior wall of the tailgate. Repeat the process for the width, again focusing on the interior space rather than the exterior.

The key to accurately determining the dimensions of a Toyota truck bed is focusing on the space within the interior of the compartment rather than the outer edges. Many accessories, such as bed toppers, require the interior measurements to ensure a proper seal with the bed liner. Extending the distance to cover the tailgate or side walls adds unnecessary inches, and it does not provide an accurate assessment of the usable space. If you are measuring the bed for storage capacity, remember to factor in the wheel wells, which decrease the bed width in the center and disrupt the length along the sides.

It is also important to take the wheel wells into account when measuring depth, which is much more shallow in these areas. In some instances, it may be necessary to measure the length of the bed with the tailgate open, such as for storing or transporting long items. If you are measuring the bed for a topper, also document the cab style and height from the top of the upper lip to the top of the cab roof to ensure that the topper has sufficient minimum height to make use of the space.