How Do You Determine Your State's Criteria for Selling a Used Car?


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A good way to determine the criteria for used car sales in a given state is to consult the Department of Motor Vehicles for that state. Most state DMVs have websites with extensive information about the regulations governing used cars sales that are excellent resources for researching questions about such sales. In addition, consulting with the DMV in person or over the phone may be a good option for more complex questions about used cars sales and laws.

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Selling a used car can be a complex process, and the laws governing such sales and their associated fees and taxes vary considerably from state to state. Fee calculations in particular can involve many variables, including the weight of the vehicle and whether or not the purchaser has a trade-in vehicle. States such as California and Nebraska offer online calculators to help with these calculations, while states such as Virginia offer only reference tables on their website.

Another important consideration when buying or selling a used car in a given state is whether or not that state's lemon law applies to certain used cars, though these laws may only be an issue if buying or selling a car through certain types of used-car dealers. In some states, specialized laws regarding minimum maintenance requirements for used cars before sale may also apply.

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