How Do You Determine Which Size of Car Battery You Need Using an Interactive Size Finder?


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When determining car battery size with an interactive size finder, enter the make, year, model and engine type of the vehicle. If the finder is linked to a national retail chain, it may ask for a ZIP code to determine if the battery is available in a nearby store.

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When choosing a car battery, more elements than size should be considered. The cold cranking amps rating indicates how well an engine performs when starting in cold weather. Those living in hot climates should seek batteries that perform well in the heat, as hot weather can shorten battery life. If electronics are being powered from inside the car, consider a deep-cycle battery.

Many retail chains install a new car battery at no cost to the owner. If this service is not available, first disconnect the negative terminal, then the positive. The positive terminal is marked with a red cap. Do not let allow metal objects or tools to come in contact with the battery terminals, as this could cause a spark and ignite an explosion.

Unfasten the clamp holding the battery in place and remove the battery. Place the new battery and fasten the clamp. Using a clean rag, remove debris from the new battery and its terminals. If desired, cover the terminals and connectors with dielectric grease and apply anti-corrosion washers to the terminals. Attach the positive terminal first, then the negative, and test the battery's placement by turning on the car.

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