How Do You Determine the Kelly Blue Book Value of an RV?


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Determine the Kelly Blue Book value of an RV by obtaining a Kelley Blue Book from a public library or local bookstore, then searching for the type of RV that is being appraised. The year, make and model of the RV are all required in order to locate the RV's value in the book.

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Kelley Blue Book publishes information regarding values for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs in addition to its RV coverage. As of 2015, a Kelley Blue Book can be ordered by calling the company's customer service department at 1-800-258-3266.

Kelley Blue Book classifies RVs in several categories, including motor homes, mini-motor homes, micro mini-motor homes, self-contained recreational vehicles, towing vehicles and vans. Information required to find a match in the book and its corresponding value includes the number of axles on the RV, as well as its length, width, make and model.

The values given by Kelley Blue Book are divided into trade-in value, private party value and suggested retail price. Factors that increase a vehicle's value include extra equipment and a newer model year. Factors that decrease a vehicle's value include a high mileage reading, missing equipment, an older model year, or a poor service record.

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