How Do You Determine the Kelley Blue Book Value for Trucks?


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Truck owners can find the value of used trucks by visiting the Kelley Blue Book website and entering in some information about the truck. Finding the value only takes a few minutes.

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How Do You Determine the Kelley Blue Book Value for Trucks?
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Kelley Blue Book offers drivers an easy-to-use website to find the true value of a car or truck that will assist in buying or selling a used vehicle.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Kelley Blue Book's website opens to display "Get Your Blue Book Value."

  3. Enter basic information
  4. Select the year of the truck from the pull-down menu. Enter the make, which is the company that makes the vehicle, then select the model. Enter the mileage in the last box and click "Next."

  5. Select the options
  6. On the next page, select the engine size and transmission type along with any other options the vehicle may have. Available options include power steering, dual air bags, power seats and DVD system. Some of the options are already checked, so uncheck them as necessary. Choose the exterior color of the truck and click "See Blue Book Value."

  7. Select sell or trade
  8. The value of a truck may change based on what the seller wants to do with it. Select either "Trade in to a dealer" or "Sell to a private party."

  9. Select the vehicle's condition
  10. Kelley outlines, very specifically, the conditions that classify a truck as either excellent, very good, good, fair or poor. Read through these options and answer as honestly as possible. Next to the appropriate option, select "Get Blue Book Value" to see the value of the truck.

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